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PS5 FIFA 2021 Bundle

The FIFA games make up one of EA’s most powerful franchises, and their popularity across the world is something it would be easy to imagine Sony wanting to capitalize on. All of EA’s annual sporting titles are scheduled to arrive on the PS5, but FIFA 21 is the one which is most likely to get its own console bundle, at least in Europe. It’s entirely possible Sony would trade the FIFA 21 PS5 console bundle for a Madden 21 version in the United States, given that the popularity of soccer is much, much smaller there.

We present to you the best deals and discounts on the latest Playstation 5 Fifa 2021 Bundles. Each of the products listed here is hands-on tested so that the potential buyers of the PS5 Fifa bundle packs get the best value for their money. We have handpicked the top-rated products from Amazon and have provided valuable discounts so that you purchase your favorite gaming bundle below the usual commercial price. 

BundleList priceDeals
Playstation VR & Gran Turismo Sport Bundle (1TB Console + VR Headset + Gran Turisomo)$279.99 Check deal
Playstation VR Bundle (1TB Console + Astro Bot + Moss Bundle)$329.95 Check deal
Playstation VR + 1 Game Bundle (Marvel's Iron Man)$349.99 Check deal
Playstation Slim 1TB Console Only (NO BUNDLE)$354.00 Check deal
Playstation VR + 2 Game Bundle (1TB Console + Mega Blood + Truth Everybodys Golf)$384.99 Check deal
Playstation Fornite Bundle (1TB Console with Fortnite)$398.88 Check deal
Playstation Black Friday Bundle (1TB Console + Grand Theft Auto V + The Last of Us)$399.99 Check deal
Playstation Pro 1TB Console Only (NO BUNDLE)$399.99 Check deal
Playstation Grand Theft Auto V GTA Bundle (1TB Slim Console + GTA V)$406.79 Check deal
Playstation 3 game bundle (1TB Console with The Last of Us, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn)$428.20 Check deal
Playstation VR starters Bundle (1TB Slim Console + VR accessories)$465.99 Check deal
Playstation Holiday 3 Game Bundle (1TB Slim with Last of Us, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn))$474.88 Check deal
Playstation Holiday 1 Game Bundle (1TB Slim with Spider-Man)$477.00 Check deal
Playstation VR Bundle (1TB Console + Creed: Rise to Glory + Superhot Bundle)$489.99 Check deal
Playstation Modern Warfare Bundle (1TB Pro Console + Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Bundle)$529.00 Check deal
Playstation NHL 2020 Bundle (1TB Pro Console + NHL 2020)$529.99 Check deal
Playstation Death Stranding Bundle (1TB Pro Console + Death Stranding)$533.56 Check deal
Playstation The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR Bundle (1TB Pro + Skyrim)$549.99 Check deal
Playstation The Last of Us Bundle (1TB Pro Console + The Last of Us)$553.80 Check deal
Playstation VR + 5 Game Bundle (1TB Console + 5 VR games)$579.00 Check deal
Playstation Red Dead Redemption 2 Bundle (2TB Pro Console + SSD + Red Dead Redemption 2)$599.00 Check deal
Playstation Game of the Year Bundle (1TB Console + Modern Warfare + Spider-Man)$638.00 Check deal
Playstation Pro Enhanced SSD Bundle (2TB Pro Console + SSD + Dualshock 4 Controller)$739.99 Check deal
Playstation VR Mega Bundle (1TB Slim Console + VR Headset + Camera + 8 Games)$1,019.99 Check deal
Playstation VR Move Controller Bundle (1TB Slim Console + VR Headset + Camera + VR Move + 5 Games)$1,027.50 Check deal
PS5 FIFA 2021 Bundle

Playstation 5 console specs

CPUThe heart of the PS5 will be the processing power that it uses to create the experiences of the next generation. The PS5 is going to use AMD’s Zen 2 CPU technology that encompasses 8 cores and 16 threads here. (8x x86-64-AMD Ryzen Zen 2 cores)
GPUAMD Radeon RDNA 2-based graphics engine with hardware acceleration for ray tracing. 36 compute units at a variable frequency up to 2.23 GHz (10.28 teraflops).
Memory interfaceThe amount of RAM in the PS5 is about what we expected, given modern PC comparisons, but it’s a lot of RAM for a video game console,16 GB GDDR6 / 256-bit and 448 GB/s bandwidth.
StorageThe PS5 will come with a SSD (Solid State Drive) which will improve load times dramatically. Custom 825 GB SSD, PCIe 4.0. I/O throughput is 5.5 GB/s (read), typical 8-9 GB/s (compressed). Optional external storage via USB SSD Drive, NVMe expansion bay.
Optical driveThe PS5 will include a disc drive, or it won’t. There are two models to choose from, standard or Digital Edition. Standard it comes with 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray optical drive.
VideoWith the PS5, 4K will be the standard and comes with HDMI 2.1 (support for 4K 120 Hz TVs, 8K TVs, VRR).
AudioAudio is a key feature to really push the next-gen experience with PS5 and Tempest 3D AudioTech.
NetworkPS5 will ship with Wi-Fi 6 802.11 AX standard which is a big deal! WiFi 6 is a huge improvement and changes the whole game basically. WiFi 6 (802.11ax) has better latency and for gaming that is critical.

Best PS5 Fifa Bundle Packs 2021

Sony has taken an edge in the gaming industry with the production of its latest PlayStation 5. And gaming addicts couldn’t be happier than that. Like its former simulation, the latest PS5 console also comes packed with a variety of customized bundles to meet the needs of different customers with different specifications and requirements. 

The PS5 bundles come packaged in both slim and fat variants with storage capacities ranging from the lowest 250 GB all the way up to the maximum 8 TB. Plus, there are consoles with different strokes for different folks. Shop the Very Very Special PS5 Fifa 2021 Bundle Deals from us and accomplish the craze for your favorite gaming packs!

PS5 FIFA 2021 Bundle

Latest PS5 FIFA Gaming Bundles for PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 is a new market entrant and the gaming dooby doos are ready to be detained at its majesty’s gaming pleasure! Responding to the increasing client demands, we are here with discounted packages for the latest Fifa Gaming Bundles for PS5. Browse for your favorite product and buy from our affiliate referral to enjoy crazy discounts with freebies on every bundle purchased. 

The game industry is a fast-growing business, and die-heart gaming lovers need to maintain their pace with the new industry innovations. Sony, a company that has touched millions of lives and influenced the current generation, has launched the much-awaited PlayStation Five by enhancing the realistic for outclass gaming experience. And those who were eagerly waiting for their favorite Fifa 2021 for PS5, can now buy Fifa 2021 PS5 Bundles at the best-discounted rates. 

PS5 FIFA 2021 Bundle

Buy PS5 Game Bundles For Cheap

Demand for cheap PS5 Fifa Game Bundle Packs has skyrocketed all over the world. This has made stock-finding particularly challenging, even at the larger outlets. We’re seeing a lot of third-party retailers driving up rates to absolutely insane levels at supermarkets. Our deep scanning for the best value deals has led us to PS5 consoles available at rates pretty much low compared to the market and that too with Sony’s official warranty. 

One of the most important things many gamers want to know is what packages and accessories of games PlayStation 5 comes with. As the PS5 is a hot market entrant these days, so lots of sellers are selling it with pro-gaming bundle integrations as a reward for devoted and early PlayStation buyers. At, you can pick just what you’re looking for with the guarantee that you’re having a package that’s catered for you, whether it’s a single game, a PSN subscription, a heavy TB console, or PS5 with an extra remote.

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